Margarita Rosa de Francisco talked about her performance in bed!

Margarita Rosa de Francisco was in charge of generating controversy on her social networks by making a confession that left more than one with their mouths open.

The actress has been in charge of delighting her followers with several videos that she publishes on her social networks where she appears dancing different rhythms. For that reason, one of her fans, seeing her move her hips, decided to make a risqué comment where she assured that Margarita Rosa should be “tremendous in bed”.

Before the daring message, the actress did not hesitate to respond with grace and a bit of sarcasm as she has done on other occasions and wrote “Don’t be fooled by the dance. For the other I am lousy «.

Immediately, Margarita Rosa received the support of other of her followers who did not hesitate to make jokes on the subject and that is why they left her comments like these:

I’m more into watching TV in bed. 😛

— Shakespeare -The Bard- (@Chesperkiare) September 17, 2019

At least you know how to dance, I’m from Cali and at the dance… I’m a shame!
In bed too, but that’s not the point

– italo charry galvis (@italo3161) September 17, 2019

However, other people asked her not to be modest and stated that she has a lot of talent for dancing so she sure was. “tremendous”.

Margarita is not modest, there is no way to be bad for the other with that swing. LOL

— DMMA☀️ (@DMMA1228) September 17, 2019

Hahaha Margarita, that’s proven, it’s a first degree equation… whoever dances well, throws well. What happens is that you are modest.

– German Zambrano (@GermanZambrano4) September 17, 2019

Normally who dances well, does it well like everything in life there are exceptions or vice versa

– Manuel (Mannyx) Ramírez RadioGol Sports Col (@MannyxRamirez) September 17, 2019

How about Margarita Rosa de Francisco’s response to the comment about her sexual performance?

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