Marcela Mar showed the insults she receives «for getting old»

Marcela Mar He made a call after showing the insults he receives from various people for the simple fact of getting old.

The actress is one of those women who likes to appear natural and that is why she has attracted attention on more than one occasion. However, this time she made a call to her followers upon receiving several offensive messages because she was “they are noticing the years”.

Marcela Mar was attacked for getting older and received strong comments

Through her official Instagram account, Marcela Mar announced that several people had sent her offensive messages. Among those she mentioned were some like “Marcela, you are very pretty, but your face is looking skinny and it makes you look older… More food hehe” and other indiscreet messages where they told her that she used a lot of makeup and that’s why “she looked wrinkled”.

For that reason, the actress mentioned that «Only from love and art could I contribute to that conversation» calling on her followers not to comment on the physical appearance of others.

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