Marbelle’s daughter posed in sensual photos on the beach

Rafaella, daughter of Marbellawas seen in quite sensual photographs in a bathing suit while enjoying a few days on the beach.

Rafaella Chávez once again surprised her followers with some photos she posted on her Instagram account showing that she is no longer a girl. There she was seen quite sensual while she posed in front of the sea and she dared to make a risky video when falling from the heights.

Marbelle’s daughter showed that she is as sensual as her mother

It is no secret to anyone that Marbelle’s daughter has revealed her attributes on several occasions and loves to highlight her figure. So she made it very clear with some of her most recent posts on her Instagram account, where she posed in a swimsuit with a fairly deep neckline in front of the beach in different positions to show off her curves.

However, a video in which the singer also jumped from the top of a mountain to fall into the sea also caught the attention of her followers. The recording quickly reached more than 16 thousand reproductions and more than 60 comments.

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