Marbelle strongly responded to those who criticized her for not putting «the flag upside down»

Marbella did not allow them to criticize her for not putting the Colombian flag upside down as a symbol of protest, that is why she assured that she will not allow “wipe your mouth with it”.

It is no secret to anyone that Marbelle always responds to the offensive comments left on her social networks and this time she was not going to remain silent in the face of criticism. It turns out that the singer was exposed by one of her followers who wrote to her offensively, but she was not far behind her and defended herself with an extensive message through her Instagram account.

What did Marbelle reply to one of her followers who criticized her?

To begin with, Marbelle assured that the woman she responded to spoke to her in a very bad way and that just as many demand respect, they should also give it. In addition, she was emphatic in mentioning that because she is a public figure they do not have to attack her for her way of thinking, much less ask her to take a position against the national strike.

For that reason, within what Marbelle wrote on her social networks, she stated I am a Colombian who has screwed up enough for her daughters and here I am standing and they have not given me anything in life, so I do not allow anyone to wipe their mouth with me either. In addition, he also added that he does not intend to put the flag upside down, neither today nor ever. “And everyone protests as they want…for me it will always be the right because I love and respect it as my country. If you want to turn it upside down, do it without fear” and added “Because it makes them angry that someone doesn’t want to be like you. Don’t expect me to turn the other cheek, I know how to insult and block too.

Of course, several people did not miss the opportunity to ensure that Marbelle could express herself freely, while others criticized her for her way of acting in the face of the situation in the country.

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