Marbelle spends time with Vanessa de la Torre (and she slips)

On her Twitter account, the singer Marbella happens with Vanessa De La Torre and brings up her past as a waitress in her face; the journalist responds with the whip of her indifference.

Vanessa de la Torre is a journalist with a long professional career, who generally avoids getting into controversies that have nothing to do with his journalistic work and his political and social opinions, keeping his private life away from the spotlight; That is why he rarely responds to criticism on social networks, although he is not afraid to say what he thinks.

Secondly, Marbelle has ventured into the world of entertainmentnot only as a protagonist, but also as a presenter in the Channel 1 gossip program I know everything. Well, apparently, the Queen of the technolane liked that of throwing puyas and this time she went with all of her against Vanessa de la Torre.

Marbelle spends time with Vanessa de la Torre on Twitter

The story began with a column by Vanessa in the newspaper The country in which she reflected on migration and remembered the days when she worked as a waitress in the United States.

Then, the Twitter user @jorgearteaga888 retweeted said column, tagging Marbelle; she did the same, and in her trill she wrote “I should go back to the aromas of fried oil”.

The trill from Valle del Cauca went viral and many Internet users related it to the interview in which Vanessa defended her profession from the criticism of politics María Fernanda Cabalsenator of the republic since 2018 and presidential candidate for 2022 for the Democratic Center.

Although several users of said social network supported Marbelle, others did not agree with what he published. Faced with criticism for her words, the interpreter of addicted to pain He responded with another trill in which he assures that he did not attack Vanessa and that he should not be ashamed of his past.

Until the moment of the publication of this note, Vanessa de la Torre has not responded to the criticism of the also actress. Which side are you on? Does Marbella spend with Vanessa de la Torre or is the singer right? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!