Marbelle had a tremendous bear when she fell on stage in concert

Over the weekend, Marbelle had a terrible time falling on stage at a concert in the city of Medellín. It was all caught on video!

On more than one occasion, the renowned tecnocarrilera singer has been the target of harsh criticism and bad comments, not only for her participation in the controversial reality show MasterChef, where she teamed up with her friends Carla, Catalina and Viña (the 4 babys) to carry out strategies that would give them victory, but also because of the controversial fights that he has staged in networks against various personalities such as the cartoonist Matador, the journalist Vanessa de la Torre and the politician Gustavo Petro.

His name constantly appears in the first numbers of the trend lists due to the constant friction with these and other celebrities. However, in the last few hours the artist was once again a topic of conversation, but this time for something completely different and unexpected.

Well, through her official Instagram account and after finishing a show, the singer told her followers that something she never expected had happened to her… Falling on stage!

Marbelle had a tremendous bear when she fell on stage at a concert in Medellín

Although this is an accident that happens very often to artists when they are on stage, apparently the singer had never been through something like this, so between laughter and with some embarrassment she decided to talk in networks about what had happened to her happened.

In the short stories, he said:

“I want them against the fact that something very funny and special happened to me because it had never happened to me, but today for the first time in my life I fell on stage. A bear had never passed. I promise if you tag me in a story with the fall I’ll show it to you.»

In the same way, he took the opportunity to give some peace of mind to his fans, assuring that he was very well and that fortunately his foot did not bend. In addition, her assistants behaved very well with her.

Later, as soon as she was tagged in the images, she showed her fall accompanied by laughter.

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