Marbelle got a new tattoo with her face and signature

Marbella got a new tattoo live and direct in front of his followers. The singer shared the process through an Instagram story. How was she?

It is no secret to anyone that Maureen Belky Ramírez Cardona, better known as Marbella loves tattoos. In fact, her body is marked with some images that are very important to her and that represent important aspects of her life. For example, the face of her mother, Maria Isbeth Cardona Restrepowhich she has tattooed on one of her thighs.

Marbelle got a new tattoo and shared the process on Instagram

The tattoos of the interpreter of Pearl Necklace They have attracted attention on several occasions, such as the time he decided to get a touch-up on one of them and his followers did not agree on whether he was better before or after getting his hands on it. The design in question was a sword that he transformed into a feather.

This time the television presenter also took advantage of Sunday to get tattooed. The place she chose was the inside of her forearm, and her design, her profile silhouetted to a single line and her signature, but with her given name: Maureen.

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