Marbella revealed that she wants to have another child!

In the middle of an interview The singer Marbelle revealed that she wants to have another child, as it is something that she has been planning for some time with her partner.

The ‘Queen of the tecnocarrilera’, who these days has been a trend with her controversial participation in the gastronomy reality show MasterChef Celebrity, where has starred in some friction with personalities such as Alicia Machadoin the last hours he made a surprising confession that left his fans completely speechless.

Well, during an interview with Laura Acuña on her YouTube channel ‘La Sala De Laura Acuña’, in addition to talking about her time on the reality show, she revealed details of her relationship with the soccer player Sebastián Salazar and her desire to become a mother again .

Marbelle revealed that she wants to have another child and is already working on it

There he expressed that although for the moment they have been estranged due to each other’s work commitments, their relationship is at its best, because the love and great trust they have in each other has meant that the distance does not become a problem.

“We have passed many tests, I think we had to sit down to make agreements because we had never separated and we had been like this for a year on and off, but I think the secret is that It has been a relationship based on a lot of trust, so as long as there is trust not 100% but about 300% one can be calm and work.”

In this way, the singer showed that with the days her love grows much more, however, she made a revelation right there with which she surprised more than one, as she expressed her desire to have a child with the footballer.

“I hope the children come. I want a son, but let’s see. We’ve been crazy for a couple of years for a baby, but we’re giving time to time «

It should be noted that the singer is currently 41 years old and 20 years ago she became a new mother by bringing her daughter Rafaella into the world, something that could influence her plans.

“I am 41, if God gives it to me, then perfect and if my body is in the conditions for us to do it, it will be wonderful and welcome, otherwise, well no. We are working on it (laughs).

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