Mara Cifuentes’s Instagram is red because of a detail of her body

The followers of Mara Cifuentes’s Instagram were left with their mouths open after seeing a part of her body that she had not shown on networks.

Even though it’s been over for a while The agency, Mara Cifuentes continues to give what to talk about on social networks. And it is that she does not have to do anything extraordinary, just be herself and that’s it.

Mara Cifuentes’s Instagram stopped Internet traffic for this detail

That was precisely what happened recently on his Instagram account, through which showed a part of his body that no one had detailed.

In history, which has already been erased, Mara shows off a tattoo she has on her wrist, where you can see a wave of the sea. He put a mermaid on top.

What does it mean to tattoo a wave?

The sea, and specifically its waves, are symbol of strength and persistence to overcome great obstacles at the point of persistence and with something apparently weak, such as water.

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