Mara Cifuentes without makeup showed all her natural beauty

Have you already seen how the model Mara Cifuentes looks without makeup? The young woman was seen while she was taking a shower and with her face washed.

Mara Cifuentes achieved fame thanks to her participation in the reality show La Agencia, where she drew attention for revealing, after several episodes on the air, that she was a trans girl, which left more than one with their mouths open, both in front of the screen as in the studios program.

Since then, Mara has not stopped working as a model, however she has been involved in one or another scandal, such as when she had a relationship with two other people simultaneously or when she revealed that she suffered from emotional problems or her confession about the addictions you have to deal with.

This is what Mara Cifuentes looks like without makeup

Although the young woman, due to her work as a model, has accustomed her followers to always appear perfectly made-up in the photographs that she shares through her official Instagram account maracifuentes1, on this occasion she decided to appear natural and with a washed face.

He did it through his stories, through which he shared a couple of clips in which he appears singing the song in the shower Baby One More Timeby Britney Spears, and you can clearly see her face without a drop of makeup.

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