Mara Cifuentes spoke about her new orientation and the polyamory she lives

The model continues to give what to talk about. in the middle of an interview Mara Cifuentes spoke of her new orientation and explained the sentimental relationship in which she is currently.

It is common among celebrities to give details of their love and sentimental life, each of the statements generates an impact on the audience and followers, who do not miss a single detail of what the artists do. Social networks have become the perfect window to learn a little more about them and have them in a certain way, closer.

Colombian model Mara Cifuentes knows this very well. Through her Instagram, she has shown in recent months, a series of publications and photographs where she looks very comfortable with the model Bella Castiblanco. ABoth share trips and moments with Alejandro Betancourt, a model that until a few weeks ago, was believed to be a friend.

Mara and Bella are remembered for participating in the Canal Caracol reality show The Battle Of Models Agency, there both impacted the tests for their versatility and unique style. During the broadcast of the Bella program, he was recognized as an androgynous model under the name of Dave Castiblanco.

Mara Cifuentes spoke about her new sexual orientation

After giving an interview to a magazine, Cifuentes clarified that together with Bella and Alejandro they maintain a polyamorous relationship, that is, they love and share feelings not only with one person at a time but with several. Additional confessed that the 3 are recognized as pansexual, term used to define people who are attracted to others regardless of their sexual orientation or gender.

The statements allow us to understand the actions of the three models in their social networks, where they appear in sensual photographs with little clothing in paradisiacal places. Even in one of the videos shared by Mara, he is seen kissing Bella.

For his part, Alejandro Betancourt spoke about the relationship he has with Mara and Bella. indicating that it is genuine and innocent.

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