Mara Cifuentes has not yet completed her transition and made it known

The paisa model spoke about her intimacy in an interview. Mara Cifuentes has not yet completed her transition and feels very comfortable about it.

In recent years, information and misinformation about diverse people has increased. There are several media outlets that refer to the subject in the wrong way on a daily basis, generating even more questions than answers.

To understand a little more the announcement of the trans model Mara Cifuentes, it is necessary to clarify some terms that will allow us to understand the terminology used when talking about sexual diversity.

LGBTIQ is an acronym for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex community and people gay. The latter is an anglicism that brings together those who do not identify with any gender (man or woman) nor with any orientation. They also consider that their tastes and identities can change over time.

people commonly called Trans are people who do not identify with the gender assigned at birth, This implies that their true identity is not in accordance with the body and genitality they have and therefore they initiate a transition to that identity that does represent them and with which they feel comfortable. It should be clarified that it is not necessary to make any body modification to achieve this, their gender identity must be recognized and respected from the mental conception of the person.

Mara Cifuentes confesses

After appearing on the reality show The Agency, battle of models, Mara Cifuentes became known throughout the country. She is a Colombian-American model whose family is originally from Medellín. She has participated in countless advertising campaigns, she is an influencer and constantly posts details of her life on social networks.

In the last few hours, he revealed in an interview that he has not undergone surgeries to completely modify his body and reassign his genitalia, This of course raised many comments because Mara at some point said she had undergone the procedure.

““At some point I said I had a vagina, on television, and I think I lied. I’m completely happy with my body, and I’m not going to do it.»

Maria Cifuentes

The model makes the clarification after some photographs were published during an event of the New York Fashion Week, where, in a bathing suit, she was photographed by several people.

“It was a super well taken photo, like that of paparazzi in HD, in the US, and it looked like something there that caused me a lot of dysphoria. I entered as if to lock myself up, to hide, to feel insecure

Mara claims she doesn’t need to lie anymore and that daily shows herself and all the people who follow her, how far you can go being authentic and showing yourself as you are. In addition to modeling, she sings and loves painting, an activity she has been doing for several years.

For now, it continues to work with various brands in both countries and confesses that she will not stop until modeling for Victoria’s Secreta world-renowned lingerie brand.

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