Mara Cifuentes congratulated Telemedellín for a trans presenter

The model Mara Cifuentes congratulated Telemedellín for a new trans presenter. She would be the first transgender woman to present a newscast in her city.

Mara Cifuentes rose to fame thanks to her participation in the reality show The agencyspecializing in modeling. Her story caught the attention of many Colombians, because at first many did not know that she was a trans person and she had to face the pressure of making this information known on a national channel.

After overcoming an anxiety crisis that she spoke about through her social networks, the young woman resumed her intense work on social networks; and it is that only on Instagram she has the half silly 1.1mm followers. Through this account she keeps in touch with her fans, she also shares very sensual images with them, with which she has left more than one breathless.

This is how Mara Cifuentes congratulated Telemedellín for a trans presenter

And it is that Mara has become an example to follow for hundreds of girls who are in the same situation, because, despite the fact that we are in the 21st century, many people still do not understand very well what a trans woman is. That is why she could not hide her happiness when she heard the news of the new presenter of the Telemedellín newscastand so he made it known to his followers.

Also, The model also indicated that said channel has received criticism from some sectors of societyHowever, that did not tarnish his celebration and, on the contrary, he called on all the sirens to support Johana García, as the 25-year-old journalist is called, who started her new job last Monday, August 2. The channel shared on its website the testimony of the young woman’s transformation.

Who is Johana García, the first transgender presenter of Telemedellín?

According to various local media, Johana Garcia Cardona is a dancer from Medellín Vanguardia Harmony Show Band, presented the documentaries I recommend you and the Virtual LGTBIQ+ March from Teleantioquia; She also worked as a presenter of the León Zuleta Awards (of the Stonewall Cultural Corporation) and participated in the Young Talented Women Contest in 2014.

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