Many criticisms of Shannon de Lima for the gift she sent to Salomé

Fans disagreed with what it contained! Many criticisms of Shannon de Lima for the gift she sent to Salomé.

Since Shannon de Lima and the Colombian soccer player James Rodriguez made their relationship public, many began to wonder How did the Venezuelan get along with the children of 10, Salomé and Samuel.

Through social networks it has become evident on different occasions that Cucuteño’s girlfriend and her children have a wonderful relationshipWell, they have shared tender moments that prove it.

Many criticisms of Shannon de Lima for the gift she sent to Salomé

For this reason and on the occasion of Children’s Day, the model wanted to send a special detail to little Salomé, a beautiful bag full of sweets, chocolates, chocolates, cookies and brownies to celebrate.

Given the beautiful gesture, Daniela Ospina decided to share a story on her official Instagram account in which she not only completely revealed the content of the surprise, but also the reaction of Salomé who was happy with her gift.

Ospina thanked the model for the gift she sent to her daughter, however, although for many it was a nice gesture, for others It was not successful at all and they launched all kinds of comments.

An account dedicated to sharing celebrity content replicated the story where hundreds of Internet users gave their opinion about it.

“They are going to give him parasites from so many sweets. Hahahaha”, “That gift is pure sugar. “,” Sweets to make her fatter?”, “I receive it with love and gratitude, but I will only let her eat two chocolate strawberries, the rest I give away, even for an adult it’s too much 😮”, “Poor thing to make her fat 😂” , “What a nice and tender detail on your part. 👏”, ​​“How for the worm to kill her 🤣🤣”, “harmful candy to make her fat and sick”.

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