Manuela Gómez leaves the country because of a bad love?

The influencer Manuela Gómez leaves the country, as other personalities have already done, she would too, but they say it would be because of a bad love.

This year has not been easy for the former soap opera protagonist Manuela Gómez, reason why she seeks to turn her life around looking for a better future.

In a video published on social networks, Manuela shared the news and the reasons to make this difficult decision.

Manuela Gómez is leaving the country because things have not gone well for her

Although his departure will not be overnight, she is convinced to take her business and her life to another part of the world to clear the mind and be happy.

… Yesterday, well, obviously I went out for a walk because I was tired of being in these four walls, I hadn’t left this room for 8 days… I haven’t had a good few days, unfortunately one has to understand that from one day to the next things change radically … I think things happen to me that I don’t deserve, I consider myself a very good person…

There are things that one simply thinks and reflects on and says juepu** ‘I don’t deserve it’ I am an extraordinary woman, I am a correct woman, I am a good person, I act well so that things go well for me, so I don’t understand why if I always try to act well with other people, I’m doing like dogs at mass… It’s not easy, it’s not from one day to the next that one recovers… I’ve seriously thought about leaving the country, maybe I’ll take my job, we continue selling, I’m going to look at how I manage all the things in my life again…

Apart from the video that Manuela shared in her Instagram stories.

Definitely There are times in everyone’s life when changes need to be made.some radicals.

As well as Manuela Gómez, tell us, What has been the most radical change you have made to your life because you needed it?