Mandalas on nails? We show you how to do it

The latest trend in fashion are mandalas on nails. Here we show you how to make this nail decoration yourself.

Mandalas are not only fashionable in coloring books and notebooks, now also are being used on the nailseither hands or feet.

The term mandala means «wheel or circle» in Sanskrit and are common in Hinduism and Buddhism as symbolic representations of the cosmos; It is currently fashionable to color them as a relaxation technique.

This is how mandalas are made on nails, simple and easy

These decorations have their level of complexity according to each design, so we suggest you start with a very basic one and a single ink.

Before you start, you should keep in mind that you need a nail polish that has a very thin brush; if you don’t have it, you can use any other brush, but with a very fine tip, close to 0.

To begin with, we recommend painting your nails with a clear base and decorating only one of them, it can be the one on the ring finger.

Once the base is dry, put a drop of black nail polish on a plastic and start painting a semicircle, starting from the cuticle. fill it in

Make another semicircle on top of it, but this time don’t fill it. A tip, before making each circle, mark the bases with dots, as a guide.

Now make a small semicircle on top of the big one, in the whole half and two on each side, as if they were the petals of a flower.

With very little glaze, make a dot in the center of each petal, but at the bottom.

If you think you don’t have a good pulse, stop here. If you dare more, the difficult part is here. Make a dot in the center and a leaflet from the ends of the half circle.

Make another two on the sides…

Now, make another leaf above, on the one in the middle.

If you wish, you can now make other leaves inside the smaller ones.

Then, make a few side dots, getting smaller and smaller. If you have, put a bright dot in the entire center of the base black semicircle.

And ready!

If you’re feeling daring, you can take a shimmery, creamy polish and try to fill in, like you’re coloring.

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