Maná, divided by the possibility of performing in Cuba

The Mexican group finds itself in a dilemma when it wants to play in Cuba and one of its members does not want to do it.

Fher, vocalist of the famous Mexican band, assured that he is interested in playing on the island. But his partner Álex González, drummer of the group and son of a Cuban mother, refuses to do so.

Created almost three decades ago and winner of 11 Grammy Awards, Maná has not yet performed in the Caribbean country because its drummer, Cuban-Colombian Álex González, is «in disagreement» according to vocalist Fernando «Fher» Olvera.

“Álex has been a little in disagreement with this, because apparently his parents did not do well in that country”Olvera explained, when asked about the reason why the group, which has thousands of followers in Cuba, has not yet landed on the island.

“There are always two stories in history, and I am nobody to criticize or judge”added the singer, without offering details.

The singer of Maná, a group that has already won four Grammy awards and seven Latin Grammys and is one of the most popular pop-rock groups in Latin America, made this revelation during an interview with the Cubadebate website in the Varadero resort, located 140 kilometers east of Havana, where he was on vacation.

Born in Miami -main enclave of anti-Castroism- Colombian father and Cuban mother, and considered one of the best drummers in the entire American continent, Alexander «Alex» Gonzalez44, joined the band in 1984.

Olvera stressed that «one day» he hopes to be able to appear, even if it is «personal title» in Cuba, a country he described as “a hotbed of very good artists and musicians”.

“I think this is going to be soon… and I would like to do it for free. For me it will be a dream to share with so many people who like Maná, and who do not have the possibility of going to another country to see it”added the vocalist.

Lastly, he remarked that the group owes «a lot to Cuban music», and «is certainly indebted to this people».

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