Man went viral for making a list of what he doesn’t accept from women on Tinder

A man decided to put requirements on his Tinder account to show what he does not accept from women, the list is long but in the end it caused laughter and that is why it went viral.

This is Luciano, a man with a profile on Tinder who wrote more than 20 characteristics of what he is not willing to tolerate from a candidate who wants to be his partner. Within the requirements that he established in his Tinder account, he talks from politics to soccer, going through professional and emotional topics.

Man wrote all the requirements that a woman must have on Tinder if she wants to be his partner

Luciano is a 39-year-old man who went viral for his Tinder profile. He, well, he did not skimp when listing absolutely all the conditions that the person with whom he makes «Match» must meet. That is why a woman who saw the curious profile did not hesitate and published it on her Twitter account.

In the Tinder profile, the man described himself as “lover of dogs, photography, travel, the outdoors and art”. In addition, in the photo of him he appeared sitting in an armchair next to a dog, so until then it was a normal profile. However, what caught his attention was the number of characteristics of a woman that he is not willing to tolerate.

Luciano wrote with huge red crosses next to what he does not tolerate and there he was specific mentioning that he would not go out with «Psychologists, hurt, terrorists of grammar, princesses, immature, toxic, emotionally fragile and fans of Racing or who are called Florence.» As if these features weren’t enough, the man also added “Hippies, uneducated, tattoos, questionable hygiene, drama queens, tobacco, marijuana, not even with photos on a boat”.

The fact became so viral that other users on social networks began to copy the man’s formula to tell as a joke what they would not tolerate from a candidate either.

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