Man groped Marbelle before Pearl Necklace

Marbella before Pearl Necklace she was just a 16-year-old girl; Despite this, she had to face a attempted abuse.

The music industry is not a rose garden where all doors are open, especially for a young girl who wanted to make herself known in the 90’s.

We refer to Marbelle, who began her artistic career right in her teens, when her youth and inexperience made her vulnerable.

This was the attempted abuse of Marbella before Pearl Necklace

The artist told in the program I know everythingof which she is the presenter, how at 16 years old he almost fell into the clutches of an abuser.

“Suddenly that is the fear of women dedicating themselves to a profession. My mom used to say: ‘The woman who has her skirt tied up, she will always succeed because of her talent and what she does… ”

“It was a time when I was left alone with this person. It was very difficult for me, because I didn’t know how to react, we were days away from launching Pearl Necklace and days away from doing many things, and I said: ‘My God, this can’t be happening to me, because if I react badly, everything will he can go to hell. He tried .”

“Unfortunately, I reacted very aggressively. I threw what I had on top of her and left the damn office.”

“When my mom arrived, she did, without fear or anything, she told me ‘wait here for a moment’, she came in, as if she crossed her three four words and the problem was solved.”

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With information from: meter