Maluma’s ex changed him for Neymar

What was a gossip a few months ago has already been confirmed and is that Natalia Barulich Maluma’s ex-girlfriend changed him for the Brazilian soccer player Neymar.

The soccer player who is more famous for his scandals and those of his family than for the magic of his soccer, is now Natalia’s new boyfriend, the woman who only a few months ago dated paisa Maluma.

Who revealed the news was the same Argentine model in a publication made on your social networks and the one that received the approval of personalities close to Neymar.

Maluma’s ex changed him for Neymar

“Bonnie & Clyde. Inside our new cover for GQ shot in Paris now @neymarjr”

Natalia Barulich in her publication

This is another of the images that Natalia shared on her Instagram account.

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Some entertainment and entertainment media that covered the relationship of the Maluma and Natalia revealed that this came to an end after an alleged infidelity of her with Neymar.

It is true that both Neymar and Maluma are two attractive men for many women, But if you could choose between the two, which one would you choose, reggaeton or soccer?



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