Maluma revealed that sometimes he forgets to bathe

Maluma He caught the attention of his followers again when he revealed some things he preferred to do when he was on his farm.

The Colombian singer was invited to the famous Ellen DeGeneres show to talk about his latest album “7 days in Jamaica”. However, there he also took the opportunity to tell some details of his private life and how he enjoys life when he is away from microphones and cameras.

Maluma told several details about his intimate life

During the interview, Maluma not only talked about his career and his success in the world of music, but also mentioned that he has a great love for his followers. In addition, she confessed that she loves life in the countryside where she takes the opportunity to disconnect and live with his animals.

The Colombian also mentioned that his farm is his favorite place in the world not only because he recharges energy, but also because he breathes another air. For that reason, he confessed «On my farm I forget all the craziness of my career and yes, I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes I forget to take a shower» and added that he prefers to take care of chickens, milk his cows and be with his 25 horses.

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