Maluma returned to Instagram and exploded against his critics

Yesterday the singer Paisa blocked his Instagram account after receiving hundreds of criticisms for a video in which he appears with a lion cub, but Maluma returned to Instagram at night.

And he returned with a message for all those people who have criticized him like other times without knowing the reasons and reasons why he appeared in the video with the puppy.

Among the criticisms received, they accused him of animal abuse and having exotic pets in captivity, among other things.

After all this, his Instagram account appeared without content, while many speculated that it was closed because of all the comments.

Maluma shared a message in which he made his annoyance clear by calling ignorant those who pointed them out without knowing the story.

Why do they still get it in their heads that I can have one of those animals as a pet? Instead of writing stupid things, arguing and judging, why, more easily, don’t they go out and buy food for the dogs that need it? Or why don’t they go and save animals like Eduardo does with the foundation? Stop arguing and don’t talk so many stupid things, if you don’t know, ignorant!

Maluma returned to Instagram and left this message (Video)