Maluma inaugurated his new foundation in Medellín

Maluma opened the doors of his foundation in Medellín and from there it will seek to help the new talents of the arts in that city.

The interpreter of hits like Deleted cassette, 4 babys and my bad, continues to develop his musical career and trying to do social work that benefits his hometown. Maluma has tried to get away from the scandals that at the time led him to laugh on Twitter at men who ask him for a photo. Also, this situation bothered many who thought that the singer was somewhat petulant.

Now, the reggaeton singer moved many with the opening of his new social project. With this, he will try to support various artists from his city so that they can show his artistic talent internationally. In addition, the reggaeton player wants to produce and represent the new talents of the foundation who intend to open the field in various areas.

Maluma inaugurated his new foundation in Medellín with all of the law

During the week, the paisa artist inaugurated the main headquarters of his foundation, with which he intends to stimulate the creative expressions of children and young artists in Medellín. He decided to name her The Art of Dreamsa project located in the Creative District, a recognized sector considered the epicenter of cultural renewal in the city.

Thus, surrounded by his closest family and friends, Maluma also unveiled the foundation’s facilities. There many dreamers, as the singer calls the young people who are part of his social project, will also benefit in areas such as composition, instrumentation, singing, production, dance and painting, among others. In the opening act, the artist was quite emotional and stated that he wants to “transform lives through art.

“Let it be the first of many venues. The sky is the limit».

Also, the director of the foundation, Manuela Londoño, stated that she worked on the project for about three years and highlighted that there are many young people who will be able to receive it in the future «because we are going to have greater capacity.»

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