Maluma and Fanny Lu were removed from «La Voz Teens»

The followers of the program The Voice Teens, they imagined that in this new youth version of the contest, the juries would be the same, however it was not like that. What happened this time?

According to the Colombian magazine TV & Novels, during this program starring talented children between 13 and 17 years old, there would be some changes of presenters and juries. We tell you who are the participants in this new production.


The vocalist of the ChoquibTown group will be one of the three judges.

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– Goyo (@GOYOCQT) September 11, 2016


The singer had previously participated in the program, but as an adviser to Fanny Lu, this time it will be as a jury.

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— GUSI (@gusimusica) September 8, 2016

On the other hand, the program will also arrive with new faces for the presentation and the backstage. The main set will no longer be hosted by Alejandro Palacios, and participants will no longer be greeted by Linda Palma at the backstage. The magazine revealed who will replace them in these tasks.

Also vibrates with:

Karen Martinez

The model and wife of Juanes will be in charge of presenting the contestants on the main set.

Laura Tobon

The former presenter of Noticias RCN, will be the one who receives the young singers in the backstage after leaving the stage.

Catherine Uribe

The model will be the third presenter of the contest, however it is still unknown what her specific work will be, it is stipulated that she will be the digital reporter.

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