Maleficent costume, quick and easy to make

We show you the step by step of how to make the Maleficent costume yourself. You are going to steal all eyes at your Halloween party.

Maleficent is a character that exudes darkness, but beauty; that is the reason why she is one of the favorites when choosing what to dress up as for october 31.

That is why here we tell you how to make this costumebut without complications, we propose some alternatives for you to make it at home.

Step by step to make your own easy Maleficent costume

we chose the version embodied by Angelina Jolie in the films she has starred for Disney in her wingless version, dressed entirely in black.


The easiest thing is to do it with a long black skirt and a very close-fitting blouse and/or a corset. Remember to wear high black boots and cover your neck, this suit does not have a neckline.

the chubs

You need:

  • A headband that you no longer wear
  • styrofoam cups
  • Two metal clothes hooks
  • aluminum foil
  • Black insulating plastic tape

The makeup

Follow this tutorial…

the staff

This character cannot miss his staff, which you can also make yourself; the raven is optional.

Maleficent costume with pants? And it is!

If skirts are not your thing, you can choose to wear pants, you will also look great, you just have to choose it well, that it is tight to your hips and, hopefully, of shiny fabric.

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