MAKE THEM AT HOME! Traditional recipes to celebrate Chilean cuisine in full quarantine

One of the things that was reborn with the confinements is the national food. With more time spent at home, many families choose to go back to business as usual and not eat out or make quick lunch preparations at the workplace.

On the contrary, dedication, time and trying national preparations have been the trend.

Angelica Bertinchef, cook and pastry chef who shares recipes and tips on her Instagram @cocina_chilena, below is a list of 5 national preparations that cannot be missing in any kitchen.

Curanto in a pot or “Pulmay”

For the cold days that are approaching, nothing better than appealing to an ancestral recipe from the south of our country, and which is very easy to make in Oster’s Quick Multi-Cooker, using the slow cooking option.

Old fashioned shredded meat with tomato sauce

“This recipe brings back a lot of memories because it was the favorite dish of the clients in a café that I had a few years ago”, Angélica Bertín comments that with a Multi-cooker she can prepare this recipe in just 45 minutes, half the time it would take to make it in a conventional pot.


The soupipilla season is approaching because the temperatures will begin to drop, and in an Oster Air Fryer it is extremely simple and uses very little oil. It is enough to put the homemade sopaipillas in the Air Fryer at a temperature of 170° for 8 minutes, and finally adjust to 200° for 2 minutes, to obtain golden and crispy sopaipillas.

Chilean Chickpeas

They are a must-have for the coming winter and can be prepared in a few simple steps thanks to an Oster Multi-Cooker. The only condition is to leave them soaking 24 hours before, and the next day, with a few additional ingredients, it is possible to achieve a typical but no less surprising preparation.

beans with rein

It is one of the most traditional preparations in our country, and just as for decades it has been possible to achieve this typical dish in a conventional way, today it is possible to replicate an equally surprising result.

Taking advantage of confinement to return to the traditional is possible by appealing to the love of cooking and also to products such as Multi-pots and Air Fryers, which simplify preparations like never before. It’s time to start celebrating Chilean cuisine much more than a day.