Maía assured that being pregnant is «a miracle»

maia She shared with her followers that she is pregnant but also assured that it has been a miracle after trying several times.

After her participation as an advisor to Jesús Navarro in La Voz Senior and arousing all kinds of compliments from the program’s followers who claim she is a great artist, Maía shared with her followers what she claims is the best news of her life.

Maía told her followers why getting pregnant was a miracle

During an interview, the singer revealed details of what her stage of pregnancy has been so far “It is a great happiness… It is something incredible, it is a miracle. After two long years of trying and going through very hard times, of not having that happiness, my God gave us the possibility of having a baby in my womb.

Maía, who is about to turn 40, also mentioned that it is one of the most important moments she has ever experienced. Furthermore, she claimed that “We are happy, it is incredible, I have no words to describe how I feel… It is indeed becoming the best moment of my life. I’m going to meet the love of my life, now it’s true «. That is why they are eagerly waiting with her husband, businessman Alberto Bossio, for the time to come to hold her baby in her arms.

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