Mabel Moreno was the new celebrity discovered in ‘Who is the Mask?’

This weekend Mabel Moreno was the new celebrity discovered in ‘Who is the Mask?’ under a wonderful character. Nobody saw it coming!

The beautiful actress from Barranquilla, who in the past participated in major productions such as ‘Chepe Fortuna’, ‘La Ley del corazón’ and recently played Lucrecia Sanclemente in the remake of the telenovela ‘Café, con aroma de mujer’, in recent days She left both the juries and the viewers completely speechless when she was discovered in the entertainment show ‘Who is the Mask?’

Although this time Lina Tejeiro, Alejandra Azcárate, Llane and Juanda Caribe (who work as investigators in the program) did not agree on their options and mentioned different personalities from the national show business, ultimately none hit the character who was actually hiding under the guise of ‘Azulejo’.

This weekend, Mabel Moreno was the new celebrity discovered in ‘Who is the Mask?’

During her participation, Mabel gave several clues to make it clear who she was, such as that «she was born close to the edge of a river but as soon as she learned to fly to the city, she ended up»; that «the ornaments and sequins were always her passion, that’s why when she grew up she wanted that to be her profession» and that «she was a Colombian woman and in the morning she drank coffee, because she needed her smell to start good day”.

However, neither the clues about his place of birth, the career that he was going to pursue, his last job on the screen or the interpretation he made of the song «Mis ojos llann por ti» gave the investigators any clue about his true identity. identity.

On the one hand, Llane assured that the famous one under the mask was Kimberly Reyes, Lina Tejeiro went for Melina Ramírez, Alejandra Azcárate opted for Cristina Hurtado and Juanda Caribe for Caterine Ibargüen, but everyone got a huge surprise when they realized that the star under ‘Azulejo’ it was nothing more and nothing less than the actress.

It should be noted that the one who reflected the greatest astonishment was the actress Lina Tejeiro, since she and Mabel worked together in a production and behind the scenes they are great friends, so even Mabel assured that she believed that she would be discovered from the beginning.

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