Mabel Moreno talked about the rivalry she has with Laura Londoño

Though Mabel Moreno he hadn’t wanted to refer to the problem he had with Laura Londonohe finally did and surprised more than one.

It is no secret to anyone that for several years when Mabel Moreno and Laura Londoño participated in the series The Law of the Heart, a rivalry arose that the followers did not understand what had caused it. And although both had remained silent, the subject came up again just now that the actresses participate in the remake of woman-fragranced coffee.

What is happening between Mabel Moreno and Laura Londoño?

Days ago, Laura faced an interview with Diva Rebeca, a character created by Omar Vásquez, who asks questions without a filter until she gets spicy answers. She there she talked about her rivalry with Mabel and assured that it was all because at the time she had not planned to return to The Law of the Heart. So the producers of the series considered turning Mabel and Iván López into the main characters of the second season. However, things took a turn when Laura decided to accept the proposal to record again and that was what caused the upset.

Mabel’s version was a little more diplomatic, so when she was asked about the subject in a recent interview, she responded subtly. “The truth is that I like to talk only about the good things because, as my grandmother says ‘What Mabel says about Pepita speaks more about Mabel than about Pepita’. So what I can say is that the cast in general is a note.» referring to the actors with whom he has shared a recording set.

The actress also stated that working with William Levy, Diego Cadavid, Luces Velásquez and Carmen Villalobos has been a gift of life. What she called attention to is that she never mentioned Laura Londoño, which made her followers think that her problems still continue.

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