Mabel Lara was seen in a bikini and followers were surprised with her figure

Mabel Lara She has stood out for being an excellent presenter, but this time she left more than one with their mouths open by appearing in a bikini.

One of the presenters who has always stood out for her professionalism before the camera is Mabel Lara. However, this time she surprised more than one of her by being quite sensual while she was in a bikini in the middle of a well-deserved break, for which she received several compliments.

Mabel Lara appeared in a bikini and her followers went crazy

It is not very common to see this journalist in a bikini on her social networks, as she has always stood out for being quite demure. However, while she was enjoying a well-deserved vacation, Mabel posted on her official Instagram account a short video of her in which she appeared in a yellow bikini that exposed her curves.

Of course, since he is rarely seen in this way, his followers did not skimp on sending him different compliments. In addition, some dared to suggest that she let herself be seen more often on her social networks to show off her beauty.

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