Mabel Cartagena removed her prostheses and showed her drainage

Mabel Cartagena removed her prosthetics and just after leaving the operating room, he shared his postoperative period on his social networks.

Mabel Cartagena is a journalist well known for her work as a television presenter, as she has worked on programs such as Laundry, Very good days Y You will fall too; she has also worked in radio.

She, like other celebrities, at some point in her career decided that getting a touch-up, like getting breast implants, would be a good idea. However, over time she developed a condition that forced her to have another operation.

Mabel Cartagena removed her prostheses and this is the chilling drainage

That happened during the first week of October 2020 and, unlike other celebrities, she decided to pay tribute to the medical staff who treated her. (This before showing the drainage of it).

My face says it all! I have so much to thank… to you my beautiful fatties for your messages and prayers, to my family who is always by my side, to my nurses who endured my awakening from anesthesia talking up the elbows.

To my beautiful and crazy anesthesiologist Jimena, to Joha, to Sandro, Cathe and of course to Alan, uuuffff he knew that my aesthetic part was not operating, my emotional part and my health were also there, attached to those prostheses for so many years making me silent damage.

He was extremely respectful, he NEVER proposed an exchange, or to make use of my image and although he did not ask me, today I want to thank him for his magnificent work.

Something curious happened… last Monday I had an appointment with him, and incidentally I stopped at the Blessed Sacrament and asked God to put the right person on my path for my explantation and reconstruction, and as if by magic, Facebook brings back memories from 4 years ago, I open it and find a photo where I appear with Alan in Aruba.

Just that day 4 years ago we had traveled to make mini stickers of Miss Colombia… my heart jumped fat! I was happy! From then on everything flowed! I hope today I can talk like parrot with you! I missed them so much!!!

She wrote in the post through which she shared several images of the medical team that operated on her.

In addition, he also shared details of his recovery in his Instagram stories; some of them are nice, but others are honestly creepy… Like the bloody drain.

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