Lunar eclipse May 26, 2021: Zodiac signs that it affects in love

How can it affect you in love? lunar eclipse may 26, 2021? If you belong to any of the signs of the Zodiac that we comment on here, you have to be alert!

What is a lunar eclipse?

It is an astronomical phenomenon in which the Earth stands between the Sun and the Moon; As our satellite does not have its own light, but reflects it, it darkens partially or totally when it stops receiving the sun’s rays.

What is the 2021 Blood Moon?

During an eclipse, it can turn red because the atmosphere of our planet absorbs the other colors and that is why it is also called the Blood Moon.

When will the next Blood Moon 2021 be?

On May 26, 2021, in the early morning hours, a triple phenomenon will occur: supermoon, lunar eclipse and blood moon, which will be visible in almost all of South America. In Colombia it will start at approximately 4:45 in the morning.

These zodiac signs will be affected by the lunar eclipse May 26, 2021 in love

Our natural satellite has a huge influence on our planet; look no more at the tides, which depend on it. In the same way it affects all the beings that inhabit the Earth, including human beings. However, the way it does this can vary, depending on your zodiac sign.


The eclipse will give you many opportunities to achieve a change from heaven to earth in this new cycle, so prepare yourself psychologically, because an unexpected change related to your partner may occur. Accept and let go so that the Universe attracts you what suits you best.


In your affective life, a person will appear unexpectedly who will shake your ground and call into question everything that was already clear and stable in your heart for you. The Universe will give you the wisdom to accept a change of life and have the strength to start over, if that is your decision.

The other signs could be affected, but more on a personal and emotional level, than in relation to their partners. Have you ever felt that an eclipse affects you? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks, but before the eclipse!