Luly Bossa posed in lingerie and they name her «woman’s show»

Luly Bossa posed in lingerie and this image that he posted on his Instagram was enough to earn all kinds of compliments from his fans.

The Barranquilla actress is definitely one of the celebrities who most enjoy the affection of the people. With a long journey on national television, Bossa has been part of important soap operas and series such as The dolls of the mafia, Loquito for you and recently Lala´s Spa. Through her charisma, talent and simplicity, Luly has been in force on the screens and has also earned a place among the most beautiful women in Colombia.

With the amazing body that is sent, the artist continues to conquer her fans. Through her sensuality, Luly continues to stay up late for more than one of her and with a publication of hers on her Instagram account, she made many fans melt from her when they saw her pose wasting all her coquetry.

Luly Bossa posed in lingerie and they call her a «woman’s show»

A few weeks ago, Marbelle and Luly Bossa staged a heated discussion on networks, which generated hundreds of comments on their posts to support her line of thought. Now, the heat came in another way because Luly decided to publish a photo that left many sweating, but before her stunning curves.

Through an image, the actress showed that at 57 she still has a heart attack body. Kneeling on her bed and posing in sexy black lingerie that showed her beautiful legs and her well-worked figure, the Barranquillera caused a stir among her followers.

The message «Good morning, may even the panties hug you with joy» accompanied the photo that immediately aroused the compliments of many who see her as their great platonic love:

“My platonic love ufff you made my day 😍😍😍”

“Women’s show God Bless you.❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍”

“Congratulations Luly, for staying beautiful!! And that lingerie…! “

From where so much beauty? You are just as mamasota as when I met you when I was 20😍🔥🔥🔥❤️

It should be noted that Luly has a profile on the Onlyfans platform, in which she constantly shares exclusive images full of sensuality like these to all her subscribers.

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