Luisito Comunica tried street food from Cali and loved it

In his most recent video, Luisito Comunica tried street food from Cali and loved the variety of flavors. And who does not?

On May 27, the renowned Mexican influencer Luisito Comunica traveled to Colombia with the intention of making visible not only the atmosphere that is lived in the streets during the massive demonstrations that have taken place in cities such as Cali and Medellín within the framework of the national strike, the terrible acts of violence and the presumed abuse of authority and violation of human rights committed by several agents of the public force, but also with the intention of highlight part of our diverse culture and gastronomy.

For this reason dedicated his most recent video to showing some of the delicacies that are frequently found in some street vendors in Colombia.

In this video, Luisito Comunica tried street food from Cali and loved it

On his tour, which started from the Alameda Market Square in Cali, began by trying green plantain fries with mandarin lime and some pieces of the representative longanizasandwiches that he enjoyed from start to finish.

Later he asked his gastronomic guide, one of the well-known vendors of the place, about the difference between the Colombian arepa and the Venezuelan arepafor which he decided to try the national arepa stuffed with pericos eggs (scrambled eggs with tomato and onion), to which he said:

“The presence of corn is evident. What a cool! Great, I loved it. The Colombian arepa is brutal (…) Highly approved by Luisillo El Gordillo.”

Continuing with his journey and with the aim of sweetening his palate, the influencer tasted some traditional fruits of our country, such as the lulo, the tree tomato and the curuba, among other.

Later, outside the square, he tried other street delicacies, among them the salchipapa, the stuffed potato, the cholado, the cheese finger, the panela water and the chocolo arepa with cheese, which he loved.

Here the video:

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