Luisito Comunica bought a beachfront house in Venezuela

Luisito Comunica bought a house in front of the beach in a city in Venezuela, showing that they are interested in starting to invest in real estate.

The famous and now millionaire Mexican YouTuber Luis Arturo Villar is still one of the kings of this digital platform. Popularly known as Luisito Comunica, he is well known for the videos of him visiting various places in the world in which he shows the culture of the countries, their gastronomy and the most emblematic sites of each one of them.

Villar, was in Colombia some time ago and learned to dance salsa from Grupo Niche. In addition, she portrayed the life of the most popular neighborhoods of Cali and Medellín in a visit of more than 5 days. But the Mexican is not only famous for his videos, since he has also initiated millionaire investments in industries such as telephony, alcoholic beverages, gastronomy and fashion, creating his own brands in each of these areas.

Luisito Comunica bought a large house in front of the beach in Venezuela

For a long time, Luisito began a relationship with the Venezuelan model and queen Arianny Tenorio. This link made the youtuber visit that country to learn more about its idiosyncrasy and many places that are not much explored by tourists.

For this reason, he was together with his partner in the city of Lechería in the State of Anzoátegui, a place that stole his heart and for this reason, he decided to buy a house in front of the beach there. In addition, Luisito showed his followers his new purchase through a house tour and revealed that the transaction was not easy, but that he was happy to have acquired it as an investment to see long-term results.

This beautiful property cost him the amount of 20,000 USD (about 76,395,000 Colombian pesos) and the Mexican himself affirmed that he bought it at a low price, in addition to confessing that “It is a safe area, it is a beautiful area and everything will very, very soon improve for this beautiful territory to which you know that I have a lot of love and I have a lot of faith in it. I think this is an example of it.».

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