Luisa Fernanda W revealed that Pipe Bueno «was never on her radar»

Through a dynamic with her followers, Luisa Fernanda W revealed that Pipe Bueno «was never on her radar» and told what really made her fall in love with the singer.

The popular Paisa influencer and businesswoman, who in recent days caused a furor in networks by recounting in detail her experience meeting the queen of pop, Madonna, at the end of her great friend Maluma’s concert, again gave something to talk about but this time for a series of confessions he made on networks regarding his new family life. What did she say she?

It is no secret to anyone that currently the paisa and the renowned popular music singer, Pipe Bueno, make up one of the most stable and mediatic couples of the national show business, because although at first they were quite criticized because their romance had started little Some time after the death of her ex-partner, the singer Legarda, they moved on together, which completely changed their lives.

And that is not an exaggeration! Well, not only did they become parents of little Máximo, who came into his life at the end of October 2020, but they also achieved several separate goals. On the one hand, the singer continued to reap great successes in his musical career, in addition to venturing into different fields such as acting with his participation in productions such as ‘I dedicate you’ and the creation of his Rancho MX venture.

While the paisa, in addition to debuting as an entrepreneur with her gastro bar, launching some singles and continuing with her content on networks, in recent months she launched her new makeup line ‘DIVVA’, with which she has won the applause of many . But although together they have achieved various purposes, none of this was planned!

Luisa Fernanda W revealed that Pipe Bueno «was never on her radar» and told how she really fell in love with him

This was recently stated by the influencer during a round of questions and answers in Instagram stories, where after evaluating how much her life had changed (after receiving a Mother’s Day gift from the singer), she said that ultimately none of this was in his plans. Not even looking at Pipe!

“Obviously I knew who ‘Pipe’ was before, but It was never on my radar. Starting because I didn’t like popular music, I thought it was music for old people, With a lot of respect. I was never a fan of ‘Pipe’, what’s more, yes, I thought it was nice, but I didn’t say ‘uff Pipe Good, papasito’, no.”

She claimed that she was not a phatic and had not been interested in him because he was a recognized figure, but it was when she was able to meet him that she actually fell in love with him.

“When I met his personality, it was what led me to fall in love with him. Something that I really liked about him is that he is a very generous person. He is not envious, he likes to help everyone, he wants to support people and that seems super nice to me ”

Here his words:

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