Luisa Fernanda W looked like this before her surgeries

Several images of Luisa Fernanda W were leaked before her surgeries, and many do not believe what their eyes see; the change is impressive.

Luisa Fernanda W is a youtuber and influencer who has given much to talk about after the tragic death of her boyfriend Legarda, who lost his life in a freight in Medellín.

This is what Luisa Fernanda W looked like before her surgeries

In addition, he has also drawn attention for his recent and drastic image changes, which many say could be a way to grieve.

Nevertheless, It is not the first time that she has had surgical touch-ups. Several old images recently surfaced, and the before and after is impressive. Look…

At a time when it is rare for celebrities to exist without operations, it is not surprising that this influencer has done so many cosmetic procedures.

It would seem that the first thing that the celebrities of the networks do when they get some money with fame is to line up at aesthetic clinics, as is the case with Yina Calderón. Will they all end the same?

That is why we want to know your opinion…

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With information from: Time