Luisa Fernanda W delighted with a seductive dance in a swimsuit

Through a video Luisa Fernanda W delighted many with a seductive dance in a swimsuit. It didn’t leave much to the imagination!

The stunning businesswoman and content creator, who in recent days was a trend along with the presenter Jéssica Cediel for showing through a short story what their relationship is like in real life, is again a topic of conversation but this time for a sensual publication What did you do in your networks?

Well, last Tuesday, the renowned paisa undertook a trip to the beautiful city of Cartagena in the company of celebrities such as Lina Tejeiro, Paola Jara and Dani Duke, among others, in order to attend the launch of a cosmetic product belonging to a brand of which are all ambassadors.

Through their networks and in several videos, the well-known women were seen to be very happy, who were visiting Isla Glam where they enjoyed the sun, the beach and the sand. Although there they all looked as beautiful as ever, it was Luisa Fernanda W who was in charge of stealing the attention of thousands of Internet users. Why?

Luisa Fernanda W delighted many with a seductive dance in a swimsuit

Well, through her networks, the youtuber took advantage of one of the moments of rest to carry out a curious challenge in which, wearing a sensual white swimsuit and dancing to the rhythm of Jowell & Randy, the paisa showed her most sensual movements, leaving many with their mouths open.

Of course, the images caused a whole wave of reactions and comments in which the majority of Internet users agreed that her steps and her body are a waste of sensuality.

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