Luisa Fernanda W confessed that her musical career began in the church choir

Luisa Fernanda W. revealed during an interview that her musical career had started when she was little in the church choir.

The influencer is always giving something to talk about and this time the topic that her fans focused their attention on was her beginnings in music. She thus made it known during an interview that she attended with Pipe Bueno on The Suso’s Show.

How did Luisa Fernanda W start her musical career? she confessed it herself

It turns out that during one of the most recent chapters of Suso’s program, the humorist seems to have been inquiring about the relationship between Luisa Fernanda W and music. For that reason, he asked “Luisa your public life began as a singer, you belonged to the church choir” and ended by saying “They were normal songs or with Tik Tok choreography”.

When asked, the influencer told the humorist that they were traditional songs and in some cases Christmas carols. In addition, she assured that everything was thanks to her grandmother, since she belonged to the church and that is why she was involved in music.

During the interview, Pipe took the opportunity to mention that singing in the bathroom made everything flow and Luisa added «is that when you sing in the bathroom you feel like WOW your voice is super virtuous». And then he complemented by saying “The shampoos and all that make me feel great while I sing and they tell me another, another”.

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