Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno clarify rumors of their breakup

through their networks, Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno clarify the rumors of their alleged breakup. Is it true or is it a lie?

In recent days, the renowned influencer and popular music singer They have been involved in a series of rumors that assure that their relationship would not be going through the best moment and that it would even come to an end, Well, some states and phrases that the paisa was sharing days ago would have aroused the suspicions of their fans.

One of them was:

“A relationship has to give you peace of mind, it has to be your refuge, seek to be a rapport team. If not, it’s not your place.»

Several portals and accounts dedicated to sharing celebrity content were responsible for further spreading such speculations, for which the youtuber recently decided to open the question box on her Instagram account to interact with her followers and clear all her doubts.

This is how Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno clarify rumors of their alleged breakup

One of the comments W received about the suspicious messages he shared and the speculations that were generated was: «It’s sad that you can’t post anything because they already define your life, you say you’re done with Pipe.» In this regard, the influencer, who was in the company of her partner, expressed:

“What I publish will never define my life. There are many things that are related, but no, I mean, here we are. What defines us are our actions and they are day to day. So that everything is clear to you, what those gossip pages and others say is false. The states that one puts, the messages, sometimes I put them so that they identify other people. They don’t necessarily talk about me or us. Until now, thank God, we are doing very well, working together as a family.”

Later he assured that at present, if he has a problem with his partner, they clarify it face to face and not with «indirect». In addition, Pipe highlighted what she has learned from Luisa, while she did the same about the singer.

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