Luisa F. W confessed that she has felt jealous when seeing Pipe kiss other

Through stories on their networks, Luisa Fernanda W confessed that she felt jealous seeing Pipe kiss other women in different productions.

Since the renowned popular music singer Pipe Bueno began to venture into the world of acting earlier this year, with his participation in the long-awaited Disney Plus series ‘It was always mewhere he will play Noah (the main character), many began to wonder if her partner, the Paisa content creator and businesswoman Luisa Fernanda W, would be jealous of this. Why?

Well, both on this and on other occasions, the singer has had to kiss several actresses, very beautiful by the way, which of course would make anyone explode with jealousy.

Luisa F. W confessed that she has felt jealous seeing Pipe kiss other women in different productions

Although on previous occasions the paisa has assured that she understands perfectly that this is just one more part of her work, the truth is that jealousy is present. This is how she recently demonstrated it during a dynamic of questions and answers through stories, where one of her followers questioned her about it.

There the content creator stated that for now the singer is recording another series where he must kiss two more girls, to which he expressed that he must understand and support him, and although he has seen some of this live and direct because has been on set witnessing some of these kisses, he still doesn’t know how he will feel when he sees them on the show.

“Let’s see what I’ll tell you… in gossip mode, at this moment, Pipe is recording another series where he has to kiss two other girls, by the way, divine. What is my turn to do? Understand and support him (…) Although I have seen kisses live and direct, that is, it is that I have a level of support. In short, I am generous with my partner and I support her even if I don’t love what I’m seeing… I breathe.»

Here are their confessions:

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