Luis Miguel Netflix series, recreates incident that almost left him deaf

The Luis Miguel series that is broadcast on Netflixsurprised his viewers by recreating an episode in which the Mexican artist almost went deaf.

The so-called «Sol de México» is one of the most representative figures of Latin American music thanks to his more than 30 years of professional experience. The interpreter of hymns that we all sing out loud, wounded as Smooth, If they leave us, La vikina Y When the sun heatsis still valid and his compositions continue to go around the world to delight all his fans.

Although Luis Miguel has been the protagonist of numerous scandals in which he even had to make agreements not to go to jail, he is revered by a whole generation that conquered old loves and lived the best stages of his youth to the rhythm of those unforgettable songs that they are beautiful in their voice.

Thanks to this, Netflix decided to make a series that has already started its second season, inspired by his life and work.

Luis Miguel Netflix series, recreates an incident that few knew and that almost left him deaf

In this second part of the platform series streaminga rather complicated episode is remembered that happened to LuisMi while he was giving a concert.

Although there are two theories: the first occurred in Lima, Peru, during the year 2005 in which apparently a piece of equipment that provided sound to its prompter exploded in his ear and the second, that in 2014 during a presentation in Buenos Aires, Argentina, while he was interpreting the theme SmoothSuddenly, his sound engineer turned up the volume directly to the hearing aid he was wearing in his left ear, the series would reveal how exactly this incident occurred that not many remembered.

After the incident that almost left Luis Miguel deaf, he has had to undergo various treatments to reduce these discomforts, and thus continue his musical career normally.

The same artist revealed in an interview that “Sometimes life challenges you and you have to overcome these difficulties. I am overcoming this condition with the support of my loved ones, the doctors and the public, which has been extraordinary and empowering. I have been able to rehabilitate myself almost miraculously.”

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