Lower belly pain without menstruation, we tell you everything!

When suddenly a lower belly pain without menstruationautomatically the alarm goes off because you think that something serious may be happening in your body.

Pelvic pain can have hormonal reasons and very often occurs before, during or after the period and although we know that they can be worrying, they are more normal than you think.

If you want to know the 5 facts about menstruation that only women understand and learn to recognize the causes of intermenstrual pain associated with pelvic ailments, we tell you what you should know:

What is intermenstrual pain?

Generally, this physical discomfort can occur, according to the Mayo Clinic, one of the main medical references in the world, through unilateral pain in the lower abdomen associated with ovulation, which usually appears in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

Is intermenstrual pain serious?

As we always tell you, each situation is different and it is not possible to generalize about treatments or cures for these pains, but in a good part of the cases, they do not require medical attention and the consumption of analgesics could help you reduce the discomfort. However, it is recommended to visit the gynecologist so that he can do a thorough review and give you his opinion. Some of the symptoms that occur are: pain in the side or lower abdomen, light bleeding or discharge, dizziness and fever.

Lower abdominal pain without menstruation and nausea

This discomfort is located in the lower part of the trunk, below the abdomen and very close to the hip. Sometimes this pelvic pain shows symptoms like dizziness, fever and can be sharp like normal colic, when the ovum is released. In some cases, it can be gynecological, bladder or appendix disorders, which should be treated exclusively by a specialist.

Belly pain without menstruation and white discharge

Although you should do important follow-ups on your period and in the event of any major bleeding or flow, we advise you to be calm because these signs, in principle, do not mean something serious. Ovarian pain without periods and with clear, transparent and elastic vaginal discharge indicates the time of ovulation, so the increase in mucus-secreting cells is normal when it occurs on the days of greatest fertility. We insist that, in case of any major pain or abnormal symptom, you should visit the doctor, but at home you can manage it with hot water baths on the belly.

Lower belly pain without menstruation and urge to urinate

This condition could be a painful bladder syndrome, which results in significant inflammation of the bladder walls. Some symptoms that could occur are: an urgent feeling to urinate, tenderness in the entire bladder area and physical pain in the muscles. In this case, it would be important to review the diet you are taking and the consumption of diuretic drinks during the day.

Lower belly pain without menstruation and breast pain

It would be important for you to validate why this pain might occur. Among some causes that would be linked to pelvic pain that spreads to the mammary glands, there is an infection in the breasts due to breastfeeding a baby, infectious diseases of the reproductive system or simply, the arrival of the period and the announcement of colic .

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