Love or custom? Signs that will tell you why he is with you

It is possible that in a long-term relationship love is transformed, it is something normal, the difficult thing is when we do not realize if what our partner feels is love or habit.

In reality, we rarely want to realize that something in the relationship is changing and we do everything possible to try to recover it, but it always works for us.

How do we realize that it is love or habit?

Despite the security of your feelings, it is difficult to discover if he loves you in the same way, so if you have doubts, take note, are you prepared? Look at these signs.

#1. when they coexist

When he doesn’t love you anymore, he’s likely to start buying you a quick bite to eat. But not only that, but he asks you how your day was at work, but he doesn’t delve much into personal matters, you won’t hear him say: How have you been feeling lately? What would you like us to do over the weekend? How about we go on a picnic?

He is only based on the here and now. So you should take these actions into consideration.

#two. in privacy

In this reason it is very simple, he goes directly to the point and is not interested in asking you if you are interested or not. But not only that, but you begin to notice that there is no longer a connection beyond the carnal and focuses on his own pleasure.

It doesn’t ask you if you like it or not. When they’re done, he tends to go about his business. There are no hugs or cuddles after sex.

#3. in meetings

When he meets his friends he treats you as if you were one more person (this is when you get to be present), because He doesn’t usually invite you to his meetings much.

You hardly even know any of her friends.

#4. on a normal day

He leaves you on seen for hours and uses the excuse that he has been very busy.

He says he writes or calls you later but that moment never comes until you send him signs that you still exist.

With information from Gutenberg