Lose weight with snacks that do not get fat

Do not starve yourself to lose weight, better eat snacks low in calories and maintain a healthy weight.

If you are struggling to lose weight but you are starving and end up breaking the diet, we have several ideas for you snacks low caloriewhich will take away your hunger without making you fat.

-Raw vegetables: Carrots cut into sticks, tomatoes, celery… Raw vegetables are very low in calories and packed with vitamins!

-Gelatin without sugar: Gelatin is, in itself, low in calories, but if you can reduce them even more, the better, so prepare light gelatin without remorse, because in addition to being healthy and delicious, it has a lot of collagen.

-Fructose low in fructose: Fruits are great foods, but if you’re trying to lose weight, go for those with less sugar, like strawberries.

-Fiber: If you are going to eat some flour, such as cookies, that are wholemeal, hopefully with a high fiber content… the more fiber, the better!

-Nonfat yogurt: No matter the flavor or the brand, a fat-free yogurt or kumis will make you feel satisfied with little calories.

-Farmer cheese: Peasant cheese, leaf or quesillo, provides protein with low fat content.

-Seeds: Nuts like soybeans, almonds, or sunflower seeds fill you up fast, but eat small portions!

-Turkey breast: Don’t be embarrassed to take your wrap everywhere with a slice of turkey breast, it’s a snack delicious, healthy and low in calories.

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