Lose weight exercising as a couple

Everything that is done as a couple is richer, so… why not exercise? Here is a couple that gives you some very good ideas to exercise with the love of your life.

Jaco Excellence and Natalia Guys seem to be very much in love. They kiss, caress each other, play erotically exploring different poses to make the… exercise more pleasant? Yes! They do everything as a couple, even exercise, and how it works for them! Because they have very toned bodies.

And it is that specialists indicate that when we share unhealthy habits as a couple, such as staying sedentary, smoking or eating junk food, we have more difficulty losing weight. According to a study released by the University of Cincinnati (USA), stable couples tend to spread bad habits; then, the opposite can be applied, healthy habits must be shared, such as exercise as a couple.

We share this video with you, so you can follow the example!

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And you, do you exercise as a couple?