Lose weight after the holidays with the post-Christmas diet

After the excesses in eating and drinking during the end of the year holidays, there is nothing like an easy, effective and delicious diet.

The end of the year parties are a pleasure for the palate, but a disaster for the scales! Both buñuelo, tamale, suckling pig, custard, wine and other liquors take their toll in Januarywhen we notice that our clothes are much tighter than in November, what to do?

Well, in addition to exercising, Is it a good idea to go on a post-Christmas diet?such as the one proposed by the specialist in Nutrition Silvio D. Schraier on the portal WithWellBeing.

  • Breakfast: Tea or coffee with milk with a slice of bread with low-calorie jam or low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch: Divide your plate into four parts. Fill three-fourths with vegetables; in the remaining quarter put chicken, fish, lean red meat or 1 egg. Add a small portion (80 grams) of carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, rice or legumes.
  • Food: You can build your plate in the same way as lunch, but change the carbohydrate for a fruit.

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Share this post-Christmas diet on your social networksit will be very helpful to your friends and family who complain about the kilos they gained during the end of the year holidays.

This is the #Diet by Daniela Ospina, take note! => https://t.co/w6e8Iy6G3b pic.twitter.com/HIUBWl8fVq

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