Lorna Cepeda boasts a great body on the beach

The actress was seen in a beautiful fuchsia swimsuit. Lorna Cepeda boasts a great body on a beautiful beach in northern Mexico.

A season of vacations and rest is approaching, and since now, several celebrities have chosen to spend it away from their homes and jobs. Although the pandemic and mobility restrictions in some places are still in force, The economic reactivation of the tourism sector continues its course.

There are several countries that opened their borders and the arrival of travelers from all over the world in order to recover part of what was lost during the quarantines due to covid 19. Mexico is one of them, the North American country has announced its gradual reopening in tourist sites, beaches, theme parks and coastal areas.

That was precisely the destination chosen by the actress Lorna Cepeda to spend a few days off with her current partner. Lorna has been in charge of sharing details of her vacation through social networks, There he has been quite happy enjoying paradisiacal beaches, and yacht rides in the open sea.

A very sensual grandmother

the remembered Peliteñida in I am Betty the Ugly one published a photograph in a fuchsia one-piece swimsuit, revealing the statuesque figure she has and how good the beach suits her. Let us remember that Lorna is currently 50 years old and just a few days ago she was the grandmother of her first grandchild.

The publication immediately received several comments praising it and letting Lorna know how good it looks. At the time of making this note, the photograph had more than 59 thousand likes and 450 comments.

Cepeda is one of the most remembered actresses on television, not only for her emblematic role in Fernando Gaitán’s masterpiece, but also for personifying The Jealous in Chepe Fortune Y Magaly Coronado in Pa` Querertand. Her work on television and theater have led her to have participations in other countries such as Ecuador and Mexico.

How do you think his current figure? Would you wear a suit like the one he’s wearing? Let us know your answers in the comments of this note.