Lorena Meritano and Calzadilla separated, what happened?

The same actress announced it through a video on social networks somewhat surprised and sad, until now the reasons are unknown, what we do know is that everyone has hit Calzadilla hard on the same social networks.

Lorraine who emerged triumphant from a battle against cancer, will travel to Argentina to follow medical recommendations and although they are not mandatory, she prefers remove the other breast, ovaries, and fallopian tubesso as not to be surprised later, since the cancer he suffered from is genetic.

The actress took advantage of that space to confirm her separation from the Venezuelan actor and presenter Ernest Calzadillawho for many women is «the perfect man».

“Ernesto got off the ship” As she herself has said, however, some people believe that this was coming and others do not forgive her abandonment of Lorena, who traveled alone in a fight for her health.

If you can’t see the video then click here.