Lorelei Tarón, wife of Falcao, dazzled with her red bikini

Lorelei Taron, Falcao’s wife, wore a red bikini who showed her curves intact just 6 months after giving birth.

The Argentine singer knew how to conquer the heart of our «tiger» more than 14 years ago and today, they continue to be one of the most established couples in the world of entertainment. As a result of this beautiful love, 4 children have been born to her: Dominique, Desirée, Annette and just 6 months ago, little Jedidiah arrived. As a sign of this romance, Lorelei has paid tribute to Falcao in songs that illustrate the Colombian crack’s struggle to overcome his recurring injuries.

She is a very sophisticated woman and her Instagram account is full of images in which she shows parts of her family life together with Falcao and her children, in addition to sharing her passion for music.

Although she hardly ever reveals her body, in her most recent publications Lorelei revealed the slender figure she has, just 6 months after giving birth to Jedidiah. In her photo carousel, she can be seen enjoying life and the paradisiacal beaches of Dubai.

Lorelei Tarón, Falcao’s wife, made an impact with her red bikini on the beach

The snapshots show the beautiful Argentine enjoying family time somewhere in Dubai, while enjoying the sun and the sea wearing a sensual red bikini that revealed her stunning curves:

A shower of compliments fell on the stunning blonde from her followers who not only praise her relationship with Falcao, but were speechless with Lorelei’s slender figure after her 4 pregnancies:

“Beautiful family 😍”

«Beautifull!! Where were those 4 little ones 😮😮😮”

«How cute! Our Falcao is in good hands❤️❤️”

«Good God, this woman is a Barbie with 4 children! “

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